T.J. Mahony Road School – Maintenance Section: LIVESTREAM

May 01, 2023 —
May 03, 2023


This will be a live stream of the in-person course. You will be able to hear and see the instructors speaking to the in-person participants and you will be able to see the presentation slides. However, you will have a limited ability to ask questions or interact with instructors during the presentations.

Course Content

  • Minimum Maintenance Standards
  • Road maintenance and drainage legislation
  • Drainage structures maintenance
  • Road surface maintenance 
  • Road markings
  • Legal demo
  • Roadside maintenance
  • Signs, signals and devices
  • Winter maintenance
  • Legal issues

Who Should Attend
Public works employees involved in road construction and/or maintenance. 

A grade of 65% is required on each of the two Mahony sections to successfully complete the course.

This course is recognized by:

  • The T.J. Mahony completion certificate is one of the options for the AORS Certified Road Supervisors Certification program, contact AORS for additional details.
    Must take both construction and maintenance to obtain 10 points credit in the technical specialist exam program. 
  • These courses may be used for the technical specialist program if you complete the construction course and the maintenance course. Point Value:  10
  • The Engineering Institute of Canada awards 2 Continuing Education Units to this course.