The Good Roads
Annual Conference

Study Tours

Get off site and learn while having fun with the 2024 Good Roads Conference Study Tours.

Choose from five tours (one per day) and bookmark them in your conference calendar! The tours are at no additional cost to conference registration, and transportation to and from the Fairmont Royal York Hotel will be provided.

Tours are limited to conference delegates and are available on a first come, first served basis.

The deadline to pre-register for tours is Sunday, April 14 at 11:59 pm. Delegates who arrive on-site without being registered will be allowed to participate if space and safety equipment are available.

Sunday, April 21

Vision Zero Cycling Tour
Discover Toronto’s pioneering road safety measures on this cycling tour. Led by the city’s transportation experts, this tour unveils Toronto’s commitment to cyclist safety through innovative infrastructure and community initiatives. Experience dedicated bike lanes, protected intersections, and traffic calming measures designed to reduce accidents. Explore high-risk areas and learn about targeted interventions driving positive change. Join us as we pedal towards a safer, more sustainable future for all road users.

Please note: Helmets are mandatory and will be provided by the City of Toronto.


Monday, April 22

Enwave Deep Water Cooling Plant
Embark on a captivating journey through Toronto’s energy landscape on this exclusive study tour. Explore the John Street Pumping Station, a cornerstone of the city’s water supply system, and witness its role in pumping treated water into Toronto’s transmission network. Then, delve into the innovative Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system, where cold treated water powers sustainable cooling for downtown buildings. At Enwave’s facility, marvel at heat exchange technology transferring energy to a closed-loop cooling system serving hospitals, data centers, campuses, and more. Led by expert guides, this tour offers a firsthand look at the intersection of sustainability and technology, showcasing Toronto’s commitment to a greener future.

Behind the Scenes With the TTC

Embark on an exclusive journey through Toronto’s transit backbone with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Harvey Shop offers a glimpse into comprehensive bus and streetcar overhauls, collision repairs, and precise mechanical support. Witness the intricate processes of sheet metal work and welding, essential for maintaining Toronto’s transit excellence. Additionally, explore Streetcar Way Building Shop, the TTC’s rail bending facility, where rails are shaped with precision, emphasizing safety and efficiency in the city’s transit network.

Join us for an immersive exploration of TTC’s critical maintenance facilities, where innovation meets expertise to keep Toronto moving forward.


Tuesday, April 23

RC Harris Water Treatment Plant
Embark on an exclusive tour of Toronto’s iconic R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant. Known as “The Palace of Purification,” this architectural marvel has supplied safe drinking water to Toronto and York Region since 1941, drawing from Lake Ontario. Marvel at its Art Deco design, blending geometric ornamentation with Romanesque Revival and Classical influences. Discover its evolution from a 1930s facility to Toronto’s largest water treatment plant, now boasting a capacity of 950 million litres per day. Recognized as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site and a Canadian Water Landmark, this plant is celebrated for its engineering ingenuity and cultural significance. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the intersection of innovation and artistry in Toronto’s water infrastructure.

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