Advanced Contract Law Course

1 Day

In Person

Workshop Objectives

Discuss administrative issues pertaining to the performance of a contract and variation of a contract. The goal is to equip you with the skills needed to make sound decisions based upon the express and implied terms set out in the contract. Attention will also be given to ethical issues involving contract administration, risk analysis, being called to court as a witness, and other relevant issues related to contract administration.

Recommendation: You should be familiar with requests for tenders and construction contracts.

Workshop Content

• Review of basic contract law principles and terms

• The tendering process

• Liquidated damages and penalties

• Contract performance and variations

• Ethical considerations and relationships

• Being called as a witness

Who Should Attend

Employees with over 5 years’ experience administering municipal contracts or those who have taken the Introduction to Contract Law workshop.


This workshop is recognized by:

  • This course may be used as credit for technical specialist programs only. Point Value = 5
  • The Engineering Institute of Canada awards 7 Professional Development Hours to this workshop.


Through lectures, class discussion and small group exercises, participants will undertake an in-depth examination of tenders, construction contract issues, and leading case law relating to construction matters. Best practices when preparing a request for tender and considering bids will be thoroughly scrutinized, along with the relationship between the municipality and contractors and the need for accurate and timely documentation of facts.