Flexible Pavement Rehabilitation Course

May 16, 2024 —
May 17, 2024

Residence Inn by Marriott, 5770 Creekbank Rd., Mississauga, ON L4W 5R2

Instructor: Lori Schaus

You will learn techniques for the effective assessment of the condition of flexible pavements including surface distress, roughness, structural capacity, etc. The assessment methods will be used to develop an understanding of the timing and extent of pavement maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation techniques to preserve and cost-effectively extend the service life of the pavement. You will benefit from real life examples of successes and failures of pavement rehabilitation techniques.

Course Content
• Learn effective techniques for pavement maintenance programs
• Understand the pavement maintenance process
• Establish a sustainable pavement preservation program
• Understand needs for pavement condition assessments
• Highlights of flexible pavement rehabilitation procedures
• Understand life-cycle costing
• Justify funding needs
• Communicate needs to managers and elected officials


• Descriptions of flexible pavement distress types and causes will not be discussed in detail as part of this course.
• This course is only offered during odd numbered years

Who Should Attend
Municipal operations and engineering technical staff, consulting engineers responsible for inspecting and assessing pavement condition, and participants from the Municipal Pavement Condition Evaluation course.


Previous completion of the Municipal Pavement Condition
Evaluation Course or thorough understanding of flexible
pavement distress types is strongly recommended.

Evaluation Process
Written examination; overall grade of 80%

This course is recognized by:

The Engineering Institute of Canada awards 1.4 Continuing Education Units to this course.

This course will count towards the OACETT continuing professional development requirements.
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