Creating Levels of Service & Standard Operating Procedures

Oct 24, 2023 —
Oct 24, 2023

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Course Description

This course is designed to illustrate the necessity to create and maintain accurate and current records with goals and targets of roadway maintenance standards together with documentation to mitigate municipal risk arising from perceived hazardous road conditions within the municipalities’ road allowances. This course specifically will emphasize the need to produce and retain an appropriate Levels of Service document with a supplementary Standard Operating Procedures document.

Course Goals

Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

Any information related to goals/learning outcomes.

Learning objectives / Course goals:

  •  Recognize and Define the influence that Risk Management/Record-Keeping and Asset Management impose on Levels of Service and Standard Operating Procedures
  •  Interpret the role of an effective LOS and SOP within a municipality
  •  Develop a practicable LOS and SOP balancing Risk Analysis, Asset Management and Best Practices
  •  Examine the process required to create a LOS and SOP
  •  Propose and produce a sustainable validated LOS and SOP

Required Texts, Materials, or Equipment

  • Participation in a Good Roads course with some basic knowledge of municipal risk mitigation
  • Participants should attend with an understanding of road maintenance equipment and road classifications/priorities

Major Assignments: Descriptions

 Participants will be required to, by course completion provide the instructor with a brief example (Paper) of a LOS or SOP paper plus completion of the course exam.

Class Participation

Participants will be encouraged in an open forum to discuss their challenges and the positives of working with LOS and SOP documents.

Course Grading  

Statement of Grading Approach

Explanation of Grading System

  • Exam : 75 % of total grade (Approximately 20 questions)
  • Paper : 25 % of total grade (Practical of creating a LOS or SOP)

Sample Grade Cutoffs

               65%       PASS