Road Safety Audit Course – Guelph

3 Day

In Person

Course Description

A road safety audit is a formal examination of a future road or traffic project, or an existing road or road-related area, in which a team of appropriately qualified persons identifies deficiencies with the potential to cause crashes in the project. A road safety audit is not simply a compliance check against design standards or other technical guidance. Strict adherence to design standards does not guarantee safety since standards are not always written with safety as a primary objective. A Road Safety Audit considers the safety of all users to proactively identify issues that may cause harm to users and makes recommendations to remove or mitigate these issues.

This three-day training program will teach practitioners how to conduct a Road Safety Audit in accordance with the 2023 Good Roads Road Safety Audit Guidelines.

This course is relevant to individuals who wish to become a Road Safety Auditor or those required to manage the Road Safety Audit process and its outcomes. Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be eligible to register as a Road Safety Auditor in Ontario.

Course Content

  • What are Road Safety Audits and why we do them?
  • Stages of a Road Safety Audit
  • Design stage Road Safety Audits
  • Auditing for Pedestrians, Cyclists & Motorcyclists
  • Road Safety Auditor Accreditation and Registration
  • Preparation and presentation of Road Safety Audit report
  • Road Safety Audits within the Safe System

The interactive Workshop is a combination of theory, practical exercises, and fieldwork.

Who Should Attend

  • Provincial and local government personnel
  • Engineers, planners, designers, traffic managers
  • Consultants wishing to undertake road safety audits
  • Road safety practitioners

Listen to instructor Kenn Beer as he discusses Road Safety Audits with Thomas and Jared of the Good Roads Podcast:
Thomas and Jared of the Good Roads Podcast speak to instructors Kenn Beer and Max McCardel as they complete the Road Safety Audit Course:
Information about the Road Safety Audit course: