Rizwan Younis, PhD, P.Eng.

Rizwan Younis is the founder of Building Better Infrastructure and Trenchless Institute. Previously, Dr. Younis served as Technical Director at the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies and managed the largest trenchless technology professional education and training program in Canada.

Dr. Younis has over 20 years of experience in infrastructure management, pipeline condition assessment, pilot projects with new technologies, infrastructure finance, and trenchless rehabilitation and installation of underground pipelines.

Before joining academia, Dr. Younis worked as a consultant on the design and construction of large-scale civil infrastructure projects in the water and highway sectors. Furthermore, he has extensive knowledge and experience in developing tender documents and carrying out bid evaluations and contract awards for World Bank and Asian Development Bank-sponsored traditional and collaborative infrastructure development projects.

Dr. Younis graduated with a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and a BMath Honours (Systems Management) from the University of Waterloo and a B.Sc. Civil Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

Warren Nicholishen

Warren brings 34 years of experience in maintenance operations and road design. His educational background is in Civil Technology and Land Surveying. His areas of expertise include road maintenance programs from winter to sewer maintenance infrastructure. He is one of the longest serving Snow School instructor’s and served on the Ontario Road Salt Management Group as Co-Chair and Chair. Warren has worked with both large and smaller municipalities, beginning as a technologist. He’s familiar with every aspect of municipal road and maintenance operations from daily administration to managing operations staff. Warren was also one of three Canadian members to sit on the APWA (American Public Works Association) Winter Sub Committee. He’s had articles published in national trade publications and delivered numerous presentations across North America. He continues to work as a Senior Roadway Management Consultant with the private sector.

Tyler Renaud

Tyler is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario. He worked as a consultant for 10 years where he was a Geotechnical Engineer across eastern Canada. Tyler is now the QA Project Manager for the City of Hamilton, where he runs the Capital Works QA program. He is a member of CTAA and sits on the Good Roads/OAPC Municipal Hot Mix Liaison Committee. He has been in the construction industry for the last 14 years.

Tony Angelo

Tony is the Director of Bridges at 407ETR Concession Company Ltd. He has over 29 years of experience. He focuses on the functional planning and structural design, inspection and rehabilitation of a variety of transportation structures, including highway structures, vehicular and railway grade separations, multi-span bridges over navigable waterways and lesser scale conventional water crossings.  At 407ETR Concession Company Ltd. Tony is directly responsibility for  inspection and maintenance.

Ted Koza

As Division Manager for the City of London’s Major Project Office, Ted is responsible for the development, administration and delivery of engineering programs and P=projects. With over 20 year’s experience in consulting, manufacturing and municipal engineering, Ted administers a diverse portfolio of municipal construction and infrastructure services team experience and enterprise side as well.

Stuart Huxley

Stuart Huxley is Senior Legal Counsel, leading the City of Ottawa’s Municipal & Regulatory Law Practice Group. Having articled with the former City of Ottawa in 1998, and called to the Ontario Bar in 2000, Stuart provides legal counsel to the municipality on a variety of municipal, administrative, and regulatory matters.  Stuart has conducted prosecutions of City by-laws and provincial statutes before the Ontario Court of Justice, and also appears before all levels of courts on various litigation files and also before coroner’s inquests, public inquiries, and administrative tribunals.  Stuart teaches municipal and planning law at the University of Ottawa.

Steve Manolis

Steve has 25 years experience in the design, testing, production and supply of liquid asphalt cement binders and emulsions. He’s a member of OAPC and Asphalt Institute technical and environmental committees. Author/presenter at Canadian Technical Asphalt Association. He graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Engineering Chemistry and he’s a registered P.Eng in Ontario.

Stephen Lee

Stephen has 33 years of pavement and geotechnical experience in Canada and internationally. Some of the positions he’s held include Principal Engineer in EXP and AGRA consulting firms, Senior Pavement Engineer in Region of Ottawa Carleton and various Head positions in the Ministry of Transportation (Geotechnical Engineering Central Region, Bituminous, Pavements and Foundations Sections in Engineering Materials Office).

Sina Varamini

Sina is the research and development manager at McAsphalt Industries limited. Sina is currently involved in development, optimization, and implementation of innovative and sustainable asphaltic products and processes pertained to road building industry. Sina holds a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He is an active member of Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA), Transportation Research Board (TRB), Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Scott Holmes, CET

Scott brings more than 26 years of experience working as a consultant, a contractor and has worked for three different municipalities as well. Currently he’s the Division Operations lead for the City of Mississauga emergencies. He’s managed several major emergencies from g ice storms, flooding events and two separate gas explosions. Scott graduated from St. Lawrence College (Kingston) with Civil Engineering Technology Diploma and he’s IMS Level 300 certified. In addition, he’s been an instructor with Good Roads since 2019.