The Service of Simplicity

As you’ve noticed, we’ve made a dramatic change in the look, feel, and voice of Good Roads.

Our new website is designed for ease of navigation and search. One or two clicks should now get you to wherever you want to be. We plotted the functionality of the site for many months based on members’ needs, including the fact that most of us now read websites on our mobile devices.

Simplicity and functionality are also behind our new logo and design standards. Someone said recently (and astutely) that clean, clear, simplified design and writing are a service. They make ideas and other information easier to digest, precisely what’s needed in our time-pressed professional lives. Simplicity shows a respect for one’s audience.

Our name, also simplified, is a more memorable and practical modernization of the longer name — Ontario Good Roads Association — that served us (and you) for 128 years. As Good Roads, we say what we’re about and, gratefully, get away from forever being an acronym.

We made these changes also because we are looking ahead. Everything about roads and transportation will continue to accelerate, from EV and autonomous technologies to radical new materials and construction methods to big shifts in design, policy, and funding.

Our intention is to be at the forefront on your behalf. Looking our best.

The Good Roads Team