Technical Solutions
Winter Web App

Good Roads’ Weather Tracker saves you time & money meeting Minimum Maintenance Standards.

We’ve got you covered – let the Weather Tracker automate weather documentation for you.

App Features:

• Forecasts generated from 470+ station(s) of your choice
• Environment Canada alerts included in the detailed 48-hour forecasts
• Automated time-stamping when forecasts are “READ” by each staff
• Access previously delivered forecasts in just two clicks
• Detailed 48-hour forecasts, and also 10-day outlook

For a demo or information contact James Smith,

The Weather Tracker (WWA) was created with Ontario public works directors in mind. It optimizes municipal winter operations with a simple to use interface.

Since 2012, the WWA has allowed municipalities to easily create annual winter maintenance plans and policy documents. Create maps. Easily track weather events. Monitor the performance of materials, facilities, staff, and equipment through one convenient portal.

The WWA is a free service for Good Roads members. For municipalities outside of Ontario, please contact

Current members of the Weather Tracker can access it here: