Conflict Dispute Resolution Course

Workshop Objective

You will learn to achieve more win/win settlements with contractors, better prepare themselves before negotiating, gain confidence about their ability to negotiate effectively, and build positive long-term relationships with contractors.

Workshop Content

  • Best/worst negotiators and strategies
  • Why being tough doesn’t always work (but neither does being the “nice guy”!)
  • Understanding the nature of disagreement and conflict
  • Constructive and destructive uses of conflict
  • The most common negotiating styles
  • The negotiating process revealed
  • Tactful handling of disagreement and dialogue
  • Specific techniques for offers, counter-offers, and counter-tactics
  • How to persuade without being too aggressive
  • Building for long-term relationships
  • Conflict is healthy: constructive methods for ensuring a win/win outcome
  • Dealing with the politics of conflict
  • Dealing with those who refuse to negotiate
  • How to determine the contractor’s best alternative to a negotiated agreement

Who Should Attend

Managers and inspectors who administer contracts for municipal construction and rehabilitation projects.


This course is recognized by:

  • This course may be used for the technical specialist programs only. Please contact OACETT to ensure that this course satisfies your particular examination program for certification. Point Value = 5
  • The Engineering Institute of Canada awards 14 Professional Development Hours to this workshop.


Small and large group discussions, self-assessment questionnaires, video, case studies and exercises. Groups will be asked to recommend solutions to work specific case studies, then will practice their solution with the instructor.