Thomas Barakat

Thomas heads our government relations initiatives. He never takes his eye off emerging regulations and regulatory updates. Our policy practices and advocacy at Queen’s Park are in his capable hands.

Andrew Blackburn

Andrew is well-versed in the public policy development process and knows the key players involved. He analyzes, dissects, and interprets everything government-related and advances municipal infrastructure and transportation interests.

Scott Butler

Scott’s career has been a deliberate and methodical immersion into the world of building better communities. In August 2020, Scott became the tenth Good Roads’ Executive Director in the history of the organization. Through training, advocacy and research, Scott leads a team that has focused on everything roads since 1894. Prior to this, Scott served as OGRA’s government relations lead for 10 years.

Kyla Di Perna

Kyla creates effective and engaging educational materials and experiences by applying principles of learning and design. She uses a variety of technologies and media to deliver high-quality instructional courses to enhance learning outcomes.

Rayna Gillis

Rayna, who has been with Good Roads for over two decades, has a wealth of experience serving our municipal and corporate members. Accountable for all accounting at Good Roads, she is also the President and CEO of 1894 Inc.

Jared LeMay

Jared maintains the visual integrity of the Good Roads brand and sub-brands, including ongoing design work on our website and for our events. He also designs our magazine, email campaigns, and career postings while heading up the Good Roads Podcast. Jared is a passionate municipal advocate.

Lingling Liu

Lingling is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable at Good Roads. A skilled number cruncher, she works closely with our CFO.

Alexandra Martchenko

It takes a team to run the oldest municipal association in Ontario, Alexandra works with the admin team and is responsible for registration for our courses and assists our students with any questions they may have. She helps out our education department and programs with logistics and members service.  You will most likely speak to Alexandra when you call the Association with any questions and she can help you with invoices, receipts, and confirmation letters and more.

Lesley McCauley

Lesley oversees billing-related matters including partner associations and payments for events. She is the guardian of how administrative tasks and procedures should work at Good Roads. She Sabrina, and Alexandra help the rest of us succeed.

Amin Mneina

Amin runs The Road Authority – products, services, and technical solutions used in public infrastructure. He produces great industry research and works closely with Dr. James Smith on infrastructure research projects.