Sabrina Pagliari

Sabrina is responsible for registration for our more than 75 courses over the year and assists our 2,500+ students in the process. She also supports our education department and programs with logistics and members service.

Sabrina also manages our database and is probably the first person you will speak with on the phone when you call the Association. She is an organizational wizard both at the office and with on-site registration at our events.

She will be your point of contact for invoices, receipts, and confirmation letters and more.

Cherry Sales

Cherry keeps us on track. As the keeper of timelines, she’s responsible for all Good Roods event logistics, including education, conference, board meetings, and more. Cherry works closely with the education department. Deliverables, thanks to Cherry, are met with resounding regularity.

Tracy Scott

Tracy is our virtual learning expert. She makes sure Good Roads students get the most out of their training experience by clearly outlining all course content and setting measurable objectives for each course.

Hassan Siddiqi

Hassan is the conductor in our education department responsible for making the behind-the-scenes logistics of all the education services function smoothly for attendees.

He works with all departments and coordinates with instructors and volunteers to make our courses run.

James Smith

James (Ph.D. University of Waterloo) is our authority on any type of road, from gravel to asphalt to bridge and road-related infrastructure design. It’s hard to imagine anyone more passionate about road design. So it’s entirely appropriate that James leads Good Roads’ science-based research on road building and infrastructure. James is also Adjunct Professor of Engineering at the University of Guelph.

Carmen Sousa

Carmen oversees all member registrations, from educational courses to our conference, including invoicing and billing. She runs the Good Roads office (from the moment you walk in the door). Carmen is our longest-serving employee.

Rachel Swiednicki

Rachel is a brand and communications strategist skilled at building partner relationships. From media relations to sponsorships, she also leads the way for Good Roads being the “connective tissue” between corporate and municipal members. Rachel’s portfolio includes advertising, brand recognition, social media designer, events, and communications.

Eric Young

Eric is the headmaster of education and training at Good Roads. He is in charge of our learning management system and guides our team of volunteer instructors and course directors. He also helps develop course content and goals, aimed squarely at helping municipal staff members win at their work.